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Efficient and Long-Lasting SDB Rotary Lobe Blowers

Rotary lobe blowers are used to provide air flow under pressure or vacuum conditions for industrial and commercial processes. Air Power Products Ltd. offers Greatech G-series and SdB Series rotary lobe blowers for this purpose. These blowers are designed to provide the most economical operation in applications requiring higher levels of pressure or vacuum (pressures above 4 PSIG and vacuums above 10” Hg.).

The SdB Series are tri-lobe blowers, which are known for their ease of installation and quiet operation. The noise levels are extremely low compared to other rotary lobe blowers, ranging on average from 58dBA to 84 dBA. These blowers offer minimal vibration during operation. The dry compression chamber provides an oil-free source of compressed air for pressure applications.  

The blower construction consists of a direct coupled, flange-mounted motor operating at 1750 RPM. This eliminates the use of vee belts and associated vee belt maintenance. Pressures up to and exceeding 8.5 PSIG can be achieved.

SdB Series - Rotary Lobe Blowers12
  • Designed for air and gas applications at certain pressures
  • Powered by direct flanged motor
  • Lobes used to perform blowing mechanism
  • Low noise and vibration levels during operation
  • Intake filter and discharge silencer support reduced noise levels
  • Vibration isolation mounts for silent operation
G-Series - Greatech Rotary Lobe Blowers 20
Greatech Rotary Lobe Blowers for Wastewater Treatment
  • Conservative operating speeds ensure long service life
  • Tri-lobe motors provide increased operational efficiency
  • Large timing gears provide efficient heat dissipation
  • Conservative speeds also reduce vibration and noise levels
  • Iron rotors and casings provide durable construction
  • Common uses include aquaculture industries, waste water treatment and others

Beneficial Features of APPL’s Rotary Lobe Blowers

The blowers are completely packaged and installation-ready, and include:

  •     Tri-lobe cast iron blower
  •     Intake filter/silencer
  •     Discharge silencer
  •     Discharge pressure gauge
  •     Outlet check valve
  •     Outlet flexible connector
  •     Pressure relief valve
  •     Vibration isolation mounts
  •     Direct flanged motor

APPL’s SdB Series rotary lobe blowers are designed to provide efficiency in various industrial applications. They can be used for applications such as aquaculture, chemical agitation, waste water treatment, pneumatic conveyance, soil remediation and more.