About Air Power Products


Versatile, Efficient, and Durable Regenerative Blowers for Assorted Industries

Regenerative blowers are compact and versatile machines, designed to move large volumes of air at low vacuums or pressures. Air Power Products Ltd. (APPL) provides a full range of models in various voltage options for industrial and commercial users to choose from.
We offer the side channel blowers in two types – single and two stage models. Most of our models are constructed using fine grain cast aluminum. This allows for maximum heat dissipation, while ensuring a long service life. The inlet and outlet ports are designed with silencers to ensure quiet operations.


appl regenerative blower 2-stage models

Blower Operation
These machines function on the principle of air velocity regeneration. Air from the inlet of the blower is trapped between blades around the perimeter of the impeller. As the impeller rotates, the trapped air’s velocity is continuously increased (regenerated) as it spirals from the base of the impeller blades to the outer casing, and then back to the base via a side channel. A stripper section near the outlet moves the air from the impellers to the outlet.

Benefits of Regenerative Blowers
The following points are some of the advantages of side channel blowers:
•    The blowers can be mounted in either vertical or horizontal positions.
•    The compression chamber is dry and oil-free. This ensures a contaminant free supply of air.
•    The small footprint and compact size allows regenerative blowers to fit into areas which may not allow for installation of other types of blowers such as rotary lobe. 
•    Air flow is continuous and pulsation-free.
•    The blower construction is with an integral motor/impeller housing requiring no vee belts, and pre-lubricated sealed ball bearings. The design provides for years of maintenance-free operation. 
•    Noise levels are considerably lower than most comparably-sized rotary lobe blowers.

Assorted Applications
APPL’s regenerative blowers can provide solutions for a variety of industrial applications:
•    Aeration for Aquaculture
•    Pool/Spa/Hot Tub Aeration
•    Plating/Chemical Tank Agitation
•    Printing Presses
•    Sewage Aeration
•    vacuum Systems
•    Pneumatic Conveying/Fluidizing
•    Soil Remediation
•    Dust and Smoke Collection/Removal
•    vacuum Lifting and Packaging Machinery

Air Power Products Ltd.’s regenerative blowers are the perfect solutions for applications requiring   low pressure or vacuum levels. Our side channel blowers are rated by IP-55, and are registered with C-UL-US for use in Canada and USA. Our products are guaranteed to provide years of dependable service.