About Air Power Products

Industrial Blowers

SdB Series - Rotary Lobe Blowers12
  • Designed for air and gas applications at certain pressures
  • Powered by direct flanged motor
  • Lobes used to perform blowing mechanism
  • Low noise and vibration levels during operation
  • Intake filter and discharge silencer support reduced noise levels
  • Vibration isolation mounts for silent operation
G-Series - Greatech Rotary Lobe Blowers 20
Greatech Rotary Lobe Blowers for Wastewater Treatment
  • Conservative operating speeds ensure long service life
  • Tri-lobe motors provide increased operational efficiency
  • Large timing gears provide efficient heat dissipation
  • Conservative speeds also reduce vibration and noise levels
  • Iron rotors and casings provide durable construction
  • Common uses include aquaculture industries, waste water treatment and others