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Rotary Scroll Air Compressors

Oiless Rotary Scroll Compressors

When air quality is crucial for your end-product and production processes, then choose APPL oil less air compressors. With uncompromising efficiency and service-friendly design, these compressors provide optimum performance and longevity even in extreme conditions. The scroll compressor pumps are engineered with self-lubricating tip seals and without a gearbox, making them 100% oil free. With a commitment to excellence and dedication to innovation, we offer class-leading compressors that are engineered to the same specifications and operational efficiencies you expect.


Reasons to Choose APPL Oilless Rotary Compressors

When air purity is a high priority, you must count on the legacy we have built in the oilless air compressors domain. We employ expertise, advanced oil-free technologies, and experience to meet your needs: 

Markets Served
Presence of particles, condensation, oil, and oil vapor in a compressed air system leads to several problems. Costly downtime and product spoilage top the list. Our range of oilless rotary compressors is manufactured to mitigate these risks and ensure delivery of the highest air purity possible. Owing to their exceptional features, they are largely chosen or applications in the following industries.
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