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Lubricated Sprinkler System Compressors

lubricated sprinkler system compressors

APPL’s lubricated sprinkler system compressors are designed to offer durability and reliable service for in your fire protection system. Reliable performance is a necessity and a priority in the protection of your property, and facilities. Be it a residential, commercial or an industrial property, users cannot afford expensive downtime, and repetitive repairs of their compressor air system. Hence, we provide solid cast iron pumps, which are equipped with rugged components that offer long-lasting dependability. All of our air compressors are designed to offer long-term value to customers at low cost of ownership. Every component is selected for its reliability and is thoroughly tested before it leaves our facility.


APPL’s Lubricated Sprinkler System Compressor Offerings

Our lubricated sprinkler systems are offered in base plate mount and receiver mount configurations.

1. Standard Features - Base Plate Mounted Lubricated Sprinkler System Compressors

2. Standard Features – Receiver Mounted Lubricated Sprinkler System Compressors

Optional Accessories

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