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Dry Sprinkler System Air Compressors for Fire Protection
Air Power Products Ltd. (APPL) manufactures dry sprinkler system air compressors, which are required for dry pipe sprinkler systems. Our dry sprinkler system air compressors are designed for unheated buildings/warehousing, parking garages and commercial refrigerated warehouses. In any location where water cannot be used in a sprinkler system, and a dry pipe system must be installed, our air compressors will provide the capacity and performance required. 

Lubricated Sprinkler System Compressors14
lubricated sprinkler system compressors

APPL's lubricated sprinkler system compressors are designed for ease of use. These instruments are made from highest quality materials, and are proven to perform in harsh environments. The sprinklers are reliable source of compressed air for diverse industrial and commercial applications. Our lubricated sprinkler systems are designed for maintenance-free operations, and available in base plate mounted and receiver mounted models. All lubricated sprinkler system models have maximum operating pressure 60 PSIG. Any higher level adjustment is not recommended for these sprinklers.

Oil-less Sprinkler System Air Compressors 6
Oil-less Sprinkler System Compressor

Air Power Products Ltd. (APPL) provides oil-less sprinkler system compressors, which are known to be environmentally friendly. All the models available under these compressors comply with ISO9000 quality assurance program. You can select from different variants of these compressors, which include standard 14 gallon receiver-mounted compressor, a large system receiver-mounted compressor, a baseplate-mounted unit, or a multiple pump arrangement. Based on your requirements, these compressors can have automatic drain valves, aftercoolers, and separators.


Features of Dry Sprinkler System Air Compressors
The sprinkler systems comprise pressurized air within the piping. The pressurized air is released when the sprinkler is activated. Upon sprinkler actuation, there is a slight delay in the water discharge. At this point, the pressurized air escapes from the system, after which water flows into the piping system via a dry pipe valve.

APPL provides dry sprinkler system air compressors with the following features:
•    Maximum pressure: 60 PSIG
•    Both baseplate-mount and receiver-mount units
•    Receiver Size Range: 14 to 120 gallons
•    Standard system sizes with capacities ranging from 242 to 1600 gallons
•    Motor voltages to suit user specifications.

Benefits of APPL Sprinkler System Air Compressors
The following are a few of the benefits of using APPL sprinkler system air compressors.
•    Cast iron compressor design including frames and cylinders to ensure long service life.
•    All receiver-mounted units are tested prior to shipment.
•    Complete line of accessories including vee belt guard, motor starters, vibration isolator mounts, flexible connectors, vibration activated hour meters, and more.
•    Receiver-mounted units include pressure switches, discharge line check valves, pressure gauge, ASME safety relief valve, receiver condensate drain and service valve.
•    Quick deliver for units with customer specified motor voltages in single phase and three phase electrics.

Compressors are assembled and tested under APPL’s ISO 9000 registered quality assurance program, so our customers can expect consistent product quality and performance.