About Air Power Products


Enabling Zero Contamination Processes with Oil-less Air Compressors

Air Power Products Ltd. (APPL) offers industry leading oil-less air compressors for critical applications. These products are designed to provide contaminant-free air in any kind of operating condition. They are efficient in terms of performance, allow for easy maintenance, and reduce expensive downtime. The design of our oil-free air compressors make them ideal solutions for medical, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical applications.

Oil-free Air Compressor Operational Advantages
The oil-less compressor design eliminates the need for component lubrication, oil carry-over, and environmental contamination. The following points explain how industrial applications benefit from the oil-less feature.

  • It helps create an environmentally clean operation.
  • The elimination of oil allows for minimal maintenance for 4 to 8 years.
  • Routine maintenance is reduced to components such as belt drives, and intake air filters.
  • Valves, bearings, and piston rings are maintenance free for approximately 8000 operating hours.
Rotary Scroll Air Compressors14
Oiless Rotary Scroll Compressors
  • Pumps are rated for 100% duty cycle.
  • Few moving parts enhance reliability and ease of maintenance
  • Patented bearing re-grease feature reduces service time in half
  • Patented tip seal provides efficient sealing and high flow rates
  • High flow cooling blower result in lower operating temperature
Oilless Air Compressors 26
Oilless Heavy Duty Reciprocating Air Compressors (SD-203/3-R60)
  • Aluminum alloy cylinders with plated bores provide long service life
  • Large airfoil fan provides efficient compressor cooling
  • Optional free air inlet valve unloaders allow constant speed control
  • Low operating speeds result in long life, low vibration and noise levels
  • Optional separators, after coolers, and automatic drain valves available
Cabinet Enclosed Sound Attenuated Oil-less Compressors7
Cabinet Enclosed Sound Attenuated Oil-less Compressor
  • Attractive Metal cabinet with full access panels for easy internal access
  • Foam sound insulation for impressively low noise levels
  • Control panel with touch pad and pressure gauge
  • Free air inlet valve unloaders for load-less operation
  • Automatic timed delayed shutdown prevents excessive starting/stopping
  • Complete with air-cooled aftercooler, separator, and auto drain valve
  • Specially inspection electrical approval for use in all provinces and states
JP Series Compressors 2
JP Series Compressors
  • Wobble piston reciprocating design
  • Direct drive Integral motors, 1/60/115V and 1/60/230V
  • Quiet operation with low vibration for sound sensitive areas
  • UL registered for USA and Canada
  • Pressures up to 100 PSIG
  • Energy Efficient
  • Simplex and multiple pumps packages


Beneficial Features of APPL’s Oil-less Air Compressors
The oil-free air compressors are offered with the following features:

  • High efficiency reed valves
  • PTFE composite guide rings
  • Single-piece connecting rods
  • PTFE/carbon graphite compression rings
  • Permanently sealed primary ball bearings
  • Large airfoil-type fan for efficient cooling
  • Dry-type air intake filters with replaceable paper cartridges
  • Aluminum alloy cylinders with deep cooling fins and plated bores for long service lives

Custom Options
We can provide our compressors with optional components, and in custom designs. These include:

  • Different receiver sizes and controls
  • Constant speed control and time-delay off options
  • Aftercoolers, separators, and automatic drain valves

We can provide duplex & multiple pump packages with sequence controls for clients with larger air demands. These systems provide redundancy to ensure system demand is met in the event a pump is turned off or removed for servicing. Multiple pump systems also provide high energy efficiency compared to one larger compressor which may operate inefficiently at partial loads. For customers with low noise level requirements, we can provide base-mounted oil-free air compressors comprising receivers, and sound enclosures.

APPL’s oil-less air compressors are the complete package! They are known for their robust construction and reliable operation, which increase the productivity of the factory. If you would like to know more about our products, or wish to request for a quote, call us on 888-622-2034. You can also send us an email at info@airpowerproducts.com.