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Lubricated Air Compressors for Varied Industrial Sector Operations

Lubricated reciprocating air compressors are the critical air source for systems used in production facilities, and commercial applications. Applications may include in a variety of industries automotive servicing/repair, sprinkler systems, and industrial manufacturers and assemblers. Understanding the function and relative issues of compressed air in industry, Air Power Products Ltd. (APPL) offers application assistance for lubricated compressors.

Lubricated Reciprocating Air Compressors0
  • ++Heavy duty lubricated pumps with cast iron frames and cylinders
  • System capacity ranging from 242 gallons to 1600 gallons
  • Base-plate and receiver-mounted units are available
  • Specialized packages for low dew points offered
  • Customized packages available
  • Ideal for fire protection applications

Features of Reciprocating Air Compressors
APPL provides its in-house assembled reciprocating air compressors in this category. They are offered as OEM pumps, or as packaged units. These compressors offer high mechanical efficiency and an economical solution for small volume requirements. APPL offers over 12 different models of the reciprocating air compressors. Listed below are some of the common features of the products:
•    Broad range from fractional up to 25 HP sizes.
•    Available in single and 2-stage pump models.
•    Compressor pumps are offered as single cylinder, or up to 4 cylinder.
•    Can be offered as simplex units or multiple pump packages.

Benefits of Reciprocating Air Compressors
Lubricated Air compressors can provide a variety of benefits to users and applications:
•    Low operating speeds reduce wear and tear to increase compressor life.
•    Normal operation on automatic start/stop control maximizes efficiency.
•    Horizontal or vertical receiver mounting options to optimize space requirements.
•    Can be packaged with aftercoolers, condensate drains, motor starters and a complete range of optional accessories. 

All of these reasons make lubricated compressors the ideal choice for industrial applications.

APPL manufactures and supplies a verity of lubricated compressor models to meet your industrial needs. Refer to the table below to take a look at the specifications range. Click on the model number for further information. If you require any help from us, feel free to contact APPL.