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Regenerative Blowers Accessories

Regenerative blowers, may also be referred to as ring compressors or side channel blowers. These blowers operate within a pressure/vacuum and volume range that usually falls between that of centrifugal blowers and rotary lobe blowers. These blowers can be used for two main purposes – for creating pressure or for creating vacuum. Some applications may use the blowers for a combination of the two functions. Vacuum service may include dust collection, material conveying, suction gripping, hold down tables, fume exhaust and more. Pressure service applications may include aquatic aeration, chemical agitation, air knives for product blow off, pneumatic conveying, drying, and more. Air Power Products Limited (APPL) is one of the leading providers of regenerative blowers for industries in North America.


Air Intake Filters & Filter / Silencers
Air Intake Filters & Filter (Regenerative Blower Accessories)
Check Valve
Check Valve (Regenerative Blower Accessories)
Exhaust Mufflers
Exhaust Mufflers for Regenerative Blower
In-line vacuum Filter
In-line vacuum Filter for Regenerative Blower
Intake Strainers
Intake Strainers
Pressure / vacuum Gauge
Pressure / vacuum Gauge for Regenerative Blower
Pressure Relief Valve
Pressure Relief Valve for Regenerative Blower
vacuum Relief Valve for Regenerative Blower
vacuum Relief Valve
Vibration Mounts
Vibration Mounts for Regenerative Blower
Pressure Gauge
Pressure Gauge for Regenerative Blower

Regenerative Blowers Accessories at APPL

A number of industrial blower parts are associated with the regenerative blowers. Here are some of the blower accessories that we can provide:

  1. Air Intake Filters and Silencers: These accessories are used to filter the air containing dust. Air intake filters are used for applications demanding clean air intake. The silencers attenuate the sound produced during the process.
  2. System Pressure Gauges: It is imperative system pressure or vacuum levels are known to ensure the blower and system components are all functioning within the normal design parameters. A single gauge can be used to measure pressure, vacuum or a combination of the two (differential pressure across the blower). These gauges are provided with a low and a high pressure connection. The low pressure connection can be open to atmosphere when the gauge is used for measuring pressure at the outlet of the blower, or it may be tubed to the suction side of the blower to measure differential across the blower. Using a logical tubing and valve arrangement can make the gauges multi-functional.  
  3. Vibration Mounts: Vibration mounts are used as isolators to stop the transfer of vibration from blowers to the mounting surface. These accessories eliminate any vibration and keep the mounting surface stable.

Air Power Products is well-known for providing high-quality regenerative blower parts, and air blower accessories. We provide the quickest turnaround times, and our professionals are always ready to help you with your blower requirements. To know more about our products, you can give us a call on 888.622.2034 or mail us your requirements at info@airpowerproducts.com. You can also request a quote by clicking here.