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About Air Power Products



About Air Power Products
Air Power Products was founded in 1980 as a sales distribution company for industrial air compressors, air dryers, and vacuum systems.

In 1982, APPL became the Canadian distributor for Fuji regenerative blowers, covering a broad range of pressure and vacuum blower applications.

In 1983, APPL manufactured its first twin tower regenerative compressed Air Dryer under the 'Air Pro' trade name, and has since earned recognition across Canada and the USA as a manufacturer of high quality, competitively priced twin tower dryers. Our "Purge Economizer Control" option was introduced in the early 1990's, and over the years, has been refined to provide users with one of the most cost effective control systems for both APPL twin tower dryers, and also as a retrofit control panel for competitive twin tower air dryers.

Air Power Products a sales distribution company based in Cambridge Ontario

In 1993, APPL began designing and manufacturing medical compressed air systems which were offered through another large medical equipment supplier. APPL has an extensive end user list for medical compressed air and vacuum systems in hospitals across Canada, and continues to offer high quality systems directly to hospitals and labs.

In 2001, APPL became ISO-9001-2000 registered for our quality assurance system, and 2009 continued with the upgrading of our system to the ISO-9001-2008 standard, offering our customers the best in design quality and workmanship. 

In 2002, APPL became a stocking distributor for Swan oil-less air compressors, which have proven to be highly reliable and rugged compressors for medical, lab, pharmaceutical, and industrial applications.

In 2003, APPL became the stocking distributor for Pneumofore S.p.A. of Italy for rotary lubricated and non-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps. These quality-built pumps find application in many of our medical vacuum systems, and industrial vacuum applications.

In 2005, APPL became the exclusive North American stocking distributor for H.S. Regenerative Blowers and Lubricated Rotary Vane vacuum Pumps. Also added to our compressor product line in 2005, are the APPL High Pressure Air Compressors, which offer a competitive systems for pressures to 1000 PSIG. For over 30 years we have dedicated ourselves to customer satisfaction. It is our privilege to serve you.

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