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Duplex Medical Breathing Air Dryer and Purification7
Duplex Medical Breathing Air Dyer and Purification
  • Breathing air systems are designed and built to comply with and exceed the requirements of CSA Z180.1-13 Compressed Breathing Air standard.
  • The heart of the APPL breathing air system is our twintower heatless air dryer which has been designed and built in Canada since 1983.
  • APPL systems include precision hygrometers for dew point monitoring and CO meters for continuous monitoring of carbon monoxide levels. Controls are PLC based and include alarms for all critical system functions.
  • For the best performance and to further reduce owner/management liability, APPL offers oil-less air compressors for system source air. Starting with a clean non-lubricated source minimizes risks of future equipment failure and contamination of the system.  
Medical Air Compressor Systems 12
Duplex Receiver-Mounted System
  • Systems employ oil-less reciprocating or rotary scroll air compressor pumps. Our large inventory of oil-less compressor pumps and replacement parts ensures reliable backup service.
  • Customized arrangements are offered to suit user space limitations.
  • Control systems are PLC based with HMI high resolution touch screens for user information and control.
  • Systems may include provision for future expansion, allowing the user to add modules when air demand increases.
  • APPL has designed and built medical air systems in Canada for more than 20 years.