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Duplex Medical Breathing Air Dryer and Purification

Duplex Medical Breathing Air Dyer and Purification
  • Coalescing pre-filters with automatic timed auto drain valves. Housings have internal corrosion resistant electroplating. Optional stainless steel housings are available.
  • Particulate after filters to remove desiccant fines and contaminants.
  • Activated carbon final filters remove trace odours/contaminants.
  • Brass/Bronze pipe and fittings for all interconnecting inlet and outlet piping, copper purge air line with brass orifice union.
  • Isolation valves allow removal of each dryer/filtration set from line service for maintenance while the other remains in service.
  • Pneumatically controlled poppet-style inlet switching valves with 3 year warranty.
  • PLC control with text display/keypad interface and password protection allows maximum user flexibility.
  • ASME code compliant and CRN registered desiccant towers with stainless steel inlet and outlet retaining screens.