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Medical Air Compressor Systems

Medical Air Compressor Systems for Supporting Medical Air Applications
Medical air systems in Canada must be designed/manufactured in compliance with CSA standard Z7396.1-2012. Compressor systems under the standard include medical breathing air systems and instrument air systems. Air Power Products, Ltd. (APPL) provides a range of medical compressed air systems and vacuum systems in compliance with the standard for service in hospitals and medical facilities.

Features of Medical Air Compressor Systems
These systems are designed as multiple pump systems which have a complete control system to cover pump sequencing and all alarm features as required by code. The control panels are normally mounted on the system, but flexibility exists to allow for panels to be wall mounted if required. The system also comprises two or more compressor pumps. Other features and specifications of these systems include:

Benefits of Medical Air Compressor Systems
Minimizing required floor space is always issue when designing medical systems. APPL’s system designs always take this into consideration, but also include considerations for the ease of servicing/maintenance, and provide the best access to serviceable components. Other benefits include:

APPL manufactures and supplies medical air compressor systems in various models. Refer to the table below to take a look at the models and their range of specifications. Click on the model number for further information. If you require any help from us, feel free to contact APPL.