About Air Power Products



Air Power Products Limited offers breathing air systems for both hospital and industrial breathing air dryers. For industrial systems, APPL shall quote in compliance with CSA standard Z180.1-13. As we recognize this standard to be a minimum requirement for breathing air systems, APPL will only offer systems which we feel incorporate all of the features and components which are required to provide a safe and reliable system. Our systems include digital dew point display, carbon monoxide detection with digital display, all necessary pre-filtration, after-filtration, catalytic convertor, and alarms to provide the highest quality of compressed breathing air possible. A complete alarm package ensures that any faults are registered, displayed, alarmed, and relayed to the user’s main alarm station. Our customers recognize that when it comes to the safety of its employees, and the reduction of management liability, an APPL system is the best choice when purchasing a breathing air system.