About Air Power Products


An air burst system should provide regular, uninterrupted cleaning of debris from your water intake screens. As water is drawn through your screens, debris and silt build up on the outside of the screens gradually restricting flow, and must be cleared from the outer surfaces of the screens. An air burst system accomplishes this by blasting a large volume of compressed air counter-flow through the screens. The air burst system should be designed as an integral part of your water intake system, properly sized, with suitable air valves and automated controls to ensure trouble-free operation. A properly designed and ECO-friendly system should not add undesirable contaminants such as oil to your water source. SWAN oil-less air compressors contain no oil, which assures you will not add oil to your source water. It also eliminates the requirement for separating and disposing of oil from the condensate which is created in lubricated compressor systems, as well as the changing and disposing of compressor oil, and replacement of oil coalescing airline filters. It is illegal in many municipalities to discharge untreated condensate from lubricated air compressor systems directly into the municipal waste system, so a proper oil separation system must be used.