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Dew Point Monitors

Dew Point Monitors (HYG-121005-S-1)

Dew point is the temperature at which air becomes saturated, after which further temperature drop must result in the condensing of water vapour into liquid form. Dew point may be referred to as “atmospheric dew point”, in which case the pressure condition of the air will be at barometric pressure. It may also be referred to as “pressure dew point”, in which case the saturation level is based on the prevailing pressure condition. In compressed air systems, “pressure dew point” is the usual reference. Dew point monitors are instruments that are used to monitor the vapour content in either atmosphere or compressed air systems. The vapour content is then equated to the temperature level at which saturation would occur, based on the prevailing pressure condition, and that temperature is displayed in a digital window. Air Power Products (APPL) is a well-known provider of dew point monitors, also known as “hygrometers” for numerous industrial, commercial and medical applications.

Properties and Specifications of Dew Point Monitors Available at APPL

The dew point monitors provided by Air Power Products have the following properties and specifications:

  1. The monitors provides consistent performance across a wide temperature range. Based on the dew point range, different monitors are used. Our standard monitor is used in systems in which desiccant air dryers are used. These monitors provide a dew point range from -9°C to -40°C. Other monitors are available use with refrigerant air dryers systems. This monitor is ideal for systems having dew point above 0°C.
  2. These dew point monitors offer digital LED displays that can be easily read at a distance.
  3. These monitors have a fast response time, and immediately register dew point changes in compressed air systems.
  4. The equipment is provided with an adjustable set point. A set of dry relay contacts may be adjusted to the user required set point, and may be used as an alarm, or for other associated equipment functions.
  5. The dew point monitor available with us provides 4-20 mA/0-5 VDC linear analogue output.
  6. We can provide monitors of 1/60/120V or 24VDC on request
  7. The monitors are supplied with a sensor which may be replaced economically, and without the need for re-calibration of the board or sensor.
  8. The device is provided with a sample air sensor block, which has a needle valve for sample air flow regulation. A 10 ft. sensor cable is provided to allow the user to mount the block within a reasonable distance of the monitor.

Air Power Products has a team of trained professionals and experts with a vast industrial knowledge, who are always ready to help you with your requirements. Standard dew point monitors are usually available from our inventory, and monitors with customized features can be supplied with quick turnaround times. For more information about our products, you can give us a call on 888.622.2034 or mail us your requirements at info@airpowerproducts.com. You can also request a quote by clicking here.