A Message to Our Customers – Sprinkler Air Compressors

In our efforts to continually improve, Air Power Products Limited wish to make our sprinkler system customers aware of pitfalls when sizing sprinkler system air compressors. One main focus for our air compressors, or any others for that matter, is to ensure that the compressor does not cycle on and off too frequently. Excessive motor starts will result in motor fatigue and premature failure. For sprinkler compressors, we recommend the following as the maximum number of starts per hour:
  • ½ HP motors = 14 starts per hour
  • 1 to 5 HP motors = 10 starts per hour

This is especially critical for single phase motors. The number of starts per hour will of course be determined by the amount of leakage in the sprinkler system. For older systems with substantial leakage, these numbers could easily be exceeded. One of the few controls the designer has to reduce motor starts,

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