Selecting the Right Blower for Your Application

There are several different types of blowers in the market. In many applications, air flow and pressure (or vacuum) level requirements may determine what type of blower should be used. There are many areas however, where there may be over-lapping in performance capabilities. It is those areas, this may require a more in-depth evaluation of blowers that could potentially be used. The performance ranges that are likely to require additional consideration are in the volumetric capacities up to 1000 CFM, pressures up to 8 PSIG, or vacuum levels to around 15” Hg. Some of the common blower choices in these ranges may include:

  • Regenerative (side channel) blowers (single stage or 2-stage)
  • Rotary lobe positive displacement blowers
  • Multiple stage centrifugal blowers
  • High speed centrifugal/turbine-type blowers
  • Rotary vane blowers
  • Liquid ring compressors/vacuum pumps
  • Rotary Claw pumps


When applying any of these blower types, some of the considerations may be:

  • Mechanical Efficiency. (which
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