Swan Oil-Less Air Compressors

Swan oil-less air compressors are a proven work horse. The requirement and advantages of oil-free compressed air has been noted in other blogs, so we will not cover all of the advantages.

It is worth re-stating however, that municipal regulations with regard to the disposal of oil-laden condensate, and the changing and disposal of waste oil, continues to be a costly feature for maintaining lubricated compressors. Most municipalities will not allow the draining of oil-laden condensate into city sewage systems. That necessitates the use of condensate/oil separation systems as part of any lubricated compressor system.

The routine of changing oil and having waste oil, plus the removal of oil and/or oil contaminated elements from separator systems, will require proper disposal, which will all require the time of maintenance personnel. This is where the Swan oil-less compressor will reap benefits, especially where clean air is imperative.


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