Compressed Air Purity Levels and Application of Dryers and Filters

In industries using compressed air, there is a requirement to ensure that the air quality meets the standard for its intended use. Compressed air usage is generally broken down into two categories, being “power” and “process”.
  • “Power” applications include such things as air tools, air cylinders, air motors and devices that require compressed air to actuate a mechanical component.
  • “Process” applications include processes where air is being mixed with, or is in direct contact with a chemical, gas or product to agitate, fluidize, convey, clean, shape or in some manner, finish the final product.

Before a dryer can be selected, the air purity requirement must be established. The “International Organization for Standardization” (ISO) has created a table for air purity levels under document 8573.1. This document defines purity levels based on particulate levels, water vapor levels and oil aerosol levels. The first reality, will be to understand that the process

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