Purge Economizer Controls

Purge Economizer Controls Air Power Products Limited has been supplying our “Purge Economizer Control$” systems for over 25 years. The original intent was to supply our customers with a system that not only save compressed air, but would also indicate what those savings amount to. The second initiative was to provide these features at a reasonable cost that would provide a quick ROI for the user. That was 25 years ago! Today the issues of saving compressed air is of even greater importance as the cost of electrical services rise. Not only are these issues recognized by compressed air users, but they are also recognized by the utilities that provide the electrical services. Our price for this control system over the past 25 years has remained very consistent and price competitive.

We have recently added some user beneficial options which, although they increase the cost of the control system, can be easily offset by subsidies or rebates that are offered by many of the electrical power utility companies. Some new and improved options available for our system include a high resolution 7” touch screen which provides the user with easy viewing of all dryer functions and features.

Graphic images can indicate at a glance, the tower functions being performed, and switching valve positions. Operator interfacing includes changing of the dryer time cycle, alarm settings, and “Purgeless” mode control level. Also, available is the option of a lower dew point range from +20 to -80°C (+68 to -112°F) using a dew point transmitter which allows for display of the dew point reading on the HMI. The new control system with these options also provides a NEMA-4 rating for the control panel. View our new brochure here.

It is well recognized that twintower desiccant air drying using a fixed time cycle can be a wasteful process, especially when system demand varies greatly over the daily production period. The good news is that you may qualify for assistance or a rebate for installing our system on your existing dryer, or by purchasing the system as an option on a new APPL dryer. Check the electrical utility company that services your facility to see if you may qualify. View the following web sites for further information.

In Canadahttp://www.nrcan.gc.ca/energy/funding/efficiency/4947 (Click on “Modify Search Criteria”, enter your province, “Industry”, “Financial Incentives”, “Retrofit”, and key words “Compressed Air”.)

In the USAhttps://energy.gov/savings