Changing Compressor Oil

Lubricated reciprocating air compressors, like an automobile, require regular oil changes to ensure that bearings and piston skirts are receiving clean lubricant to prevent metal to metal contact. Most small reciprocating compressor manufacturers recommend oil changes every 12 months or 500 hours – whichever comes first. Many small reciprocating air compressors may operate on single phase power directly fed by a breaker. Three phase models may use an economically priced off-the-shelf magnetic motor starter. In both of these scenarios, there is usually no provision made to log hours on the compressor.

The Problem with Start/Stop Air Compressors
The problem with compressors operating on a start/stop basis, is that the user usually has no idea of the actual hours that accumulate on the air compressor. As a result, oil changes are often neglected, or allowed to run past the due date. This may result in excessive wear causing reduced life … Read the rest