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Compressed Air Dryers and Accessories

Wall-Mount Heatless Desiccant Compressed Air Dryers5
Wall-Mount Heatless Desiccant Compressed Air Dryers
  • Inlet and outlet sizes ranging from 1/2ʺ NPT to 3/4ʺ NPT
  • 8 to 75 SCFM at 100 PSIG
  • Most reliable switching valve arrangement
  • Can be used mid to large sized process applications
  • Pressures to 150 PSIG and optional pressures to 1000 PSIG
Heated Blower Purge Compressed Air Dryers 11
Heated Blower Purge Compressed Air Dryers
  • Reduces energy costs
  • Capacities from 115 SCFM & larger
  • Air temperature and pressure displays and digital purge
  • Automated PLC control with text display and keypad interface
  • A good replacement for heatless twin tower compressed air dryers
Heatless Regenerative Compressed Air Dryers12
Heatless desiccant regenerative compressed air dryers
  • Provides continuous compressed air at low dew points
  • Minus 40ºC & lower pressure dew points
  • Standard Models rated to 150 PSIG
  • Microprocessor controls with adjustable time cycle
  • SCFM range from 100 to 3,800
Silica Gel Orange Indicator 0
Silica Gel Orange Indicator
  • Silica gel in bead form
  • Replacement for blue cobalt impregnated gels
  • Is efficient at high adsorption
  • With adsorption progression, the beads turn from orange to green color
  • Post saturation, the gel can be regenerated with heat up to 120ºC
  • Does not contain harmful chlorides, sulphates, or organic matter



Dew Diligence Membrane Dryers9
Dew Diligence Membrane Dryers
  • Prevents condensation and oxidation in compressed air equipment
  • Simple in design, effective in performance
  • Purge flow volume range from 0.18 SCFM 5 lpm to 3.64 SCFM 103 lpm
  • Can be used for medical, laboratory, and manufacturing applications