About Air Power Products

Oilless Air Compressors

Oilless Heavy Duty Reciprocating Air Compressors (SD-203/3-R60)
  • PTFE/carbon graphite compression rings
  • PTFE composite guide rings
  • Deep-finned aluminum alloy cylinders with plated bores for long life
  • Large airfoil-type fan for efficient cooling
  • Permanently sealed main ball bearings
  • High efficiency reed valves
  • Single piece connecting rods
  • Inlet valve unloaders for optional constant speed control
  • Dry-type air intake filter/silencers with replaceable paper cartridges
  • Receiver and base-mounted versions
  • Optional receiver sizes & controls
  • Optional aftercoolers, separators, and automatic drain valves
  • Duplex & multiple pump packages available with sequencing controls